Training Needs Assessment for SME    
“Export promotion training to companies, members of  German Kosovar Business Association” in cooperation with KDWV Kosovarisch-Deutsche Wirtschaftsvereinigung, project funded by Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (September 2017-ongoing)
Guideline for Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) project funded by Ministry of Local Government Administration (April 2017-ongoing)
Training Needs Assessment for SME“, project funded by Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency – KIESA  (July 2017-ongoing)
“Investment promotion and attracting investments from Diaspora”  project funded by Ministry of Diaspora 
“Entrepreneurship and Self-employment training for repatriated persons”, in cooperation with  KHCS “Mother Teresa” (December 2016 – ongoing) 
 “Reintegration of repatriated persons through offering consulting services” project funded by GoK/ Ministry of Ministry of Internal Affairs (December 2015- May 2017)
“Research on the registry process of Diaspora”, funded by GoK/ Ministry of Diaspora   (June 2016-October 2016)
“Mid-term Strategy and Action Plan for Agriculture for Municipality of Prizren”  (June  2016-August 2016)
“Reintegration of repatriated persons through offering consulting services” project founded by GoK/ Ministry of Ministry of Internal Affairs (December 2015- May 2017)
Supportive business environment for women start-ups in North and South Mitrovicë/a” in cooperation with CBM- Mitrovica  (July  2016-August 2016)
Mentoring and Coaching start-up business grantees and apprentices of KYDP  (2015-2016)
Technical assistance to Municipality of Prizren: Implementation of a two year project (2015-2017) ” Consultancy in the field of Transactions and Public-Private Partnership projects in the Municipality of Prizren”
 Establishment of the “Public Private Partnership (PPP) & Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) Committee” within Mitrovicë/a South municipality, An EU funded programme managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo, implemented by Mercy Corps 
Business Plan development for ALM Group
Business Plan development for Apollonia L. L. C
Business Plan development for DUGLAS Company
Business Plan development for GenKor Company 
Business Mentorship and Coaching to 186 Entrepreneurs in Kosovo, founded by KYDP, MCYS, Kosovo  
 Mentoring and Coaching for 56 Young Entrepreneurs in Kosovo, founded by USAID YEP Program, Kosovo  
 Providing individual consultancy- writing Business Plans for 8 business women beneficiaries in cooperation with ECMIK, Kosovo
 Local Economic Development Strategy for the Municipality of Prishtina,  founded by Municipality of Prishtina
  Entrepreneurship Training for Women Minority in Kosovo in cooperation with ECMIK, Kosovo
 Entrepreneurship and Business Skills Training (client KYDP, MCYS, Kosovo ) delivered to 400 young entrepreneurs in 11 municipalities of Kosovo on following topics: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Financial planning, Business planning
 Organizing international and local conferences and workshops related to  Labor Standards and Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work for our client: Union of Independent Trade Unions of Kosovo (BSPK)